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"Elite Event Rental and their staff were so easy to work with, the items that we rented for our wedding were all in excellent condition and really helped to made our reception gorgeous. I had a very specific picture in my head of what I wanted our reception space to look like and with your help, everything turned out just the way I had wanted. My wedding was in Sioux City, and even with the cost of driving to Lincoln for our rentals, Elite Event Rentals was the best choice for us to stay within my budget when compared to other rental companies in the area. You had the most selection and the highest quatlity products. I also cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed working with your staff. I called numerous times to make changes by adding items and taking others off of my order according to our needs during the weeks leading up to our wedding and every time I called I felt taken care of by the staff, because of your professionalism I was relaxed and felt confident that our large and complicated order would be filled properly without my having to worry about it. Thank you so much!!! My wedding was the fairy tale day I had always dreamed of, I will never forget it, and your company played a very large part in helping it all to come together so perfectly."

- Amanda, Bride

"You have both been a pleasure to work with. You have always been timely, friendly and helpful when needed. I appreciate the service you have provided us in the past, and hope it continues into the future."

-Ashley, Event Coordinator at The Delray Ballroom

" . . . we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for a job well done. Our daughter was very happy and the 'bridezilla-mom', which is me, was too. Thanks so much!"

- Bev, Mother of the Bride

"When we have an event planned that needs extra equipment,  there is only one place we look, Elite Rentals. The equipment is in excellent condition and it always seems they have the exact item we need to make the event perfect. The store is located in southwest Lincoln and it is easy to access. The staff at Elite is very helpful and have great party ideas. Our family will always chose Elite Rental because of our past experiences."

- Brad, Lincoln

"I choose Elite Events Rental because they go above and beyond to give the best possible service. Elite Events Rental has offered great ideas and been available to step in when other rental places have not. The linens from Elite Events Rental are always clean, pressed and not damaged. They truly are pristine. I would recommend Elite Event Rental because I feel like I am talking to a friend when I call and need information or items. They truly want to help make out events successful!

In this day and age companies can set themselves apart from the competition by great customer service. There is plenty of competition in the event/rental industry in Lincoln. When a company chooses to align themselves with another company like Elite Events Rental, it is by choice, not force. That says a lot. I completely enjoy working with Elite Events Rental and their staff. I am always treated as though my business is very important, no matter how large or small my order. I will continue to work with Elite Events Rental and would highly recommend them to everyone!"

- Cheryl Deiro, Catering Manger at Embassy Suites Lincoln

"Hilary, your company has been very organized and always efficient when I or my students have ordered table rentals for our annual Christmas dinner for school board, administration, and parents.  I had invoices and costs immediately.  When we arranged a time for pick up, everything was ready to go and the correct order processed.  It is very conveniently located in the city.   Once you find a good service, you stay with it."

- Cheryl, Milford Public Schools

"Living an hour away I did alot of it over the phone and was never worried that it wouldn't be 'just perfect'. The linens were wonderful as well as the vases. The service that you provide to deliver and pick back up is so helpful on such a busy weekend."

- Cindy, Mother of the Bride

"I enjoyed working with Elite Events in planning our daughter's wedding.  We chose to go with Elite Events for two reasons: competitive pricing and a wide selection of options for our linens.  Your website made the planning easy!  The contract was flexible, so we didn't have to pay extra to increase our order 2 weeks prior to the event.  I was ecstatic to find that all the linens we rented from Elite Events were pressed and carefully hung so that ironing was not necessary-what a huge time saver for us!!!  I have friends who have rented from other companies and have heard their stories of ironing for hours and hours to get their rented linens to look good on the tables.  Our order was ready to pick up early on our date and staff was very helpful in getting it loaded up.  There were enough laundry bags to hold our order for return and again, staff was very helpful in unloading.  We received a 10% discount when we ordered and it was honored when we increased our final order; again, this was so helpful when it came time to pay for our event!  The linens looked wonderful and we had many compliments during and following the wedding.  I have recommended Elite Events to firends who will be planning weddings in the coming year and a half, and would recommend you to anyone else that I can.  In all, renting through Elite Events was easy, cost-effective, and a pleasant experience!  The Elite Events staff made our event enjoyable and stress-free!  Thanks for doing such a great job!"

- Deb, Mother of the Bride

"We chose to work with Elite Events Rental for our daughter’s wedding reception.  Our experience was first rate!  Hilary and Ann were so great to work with.  Always friendly, professional, and available to assist us and answer questions.  We appreciated their professional advice and their willingness to set up tables in the showroom so we could see our choices.  We made changes in the numbers of items needed as the wedding date got closer and they were always accommodating (with a smile), very organized, and on top of the details.  The items reserved for us were exactly what we planned on.   It was so nice not to have any surprises while decorating the day of the wedding!"

- Denise, Mother-of-the-Bride

" . . . Everything looked lovely and people commented on how beautiful the whole room looked. Thank you for your sense of detail."

- Dianna, Mother of the Bride


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